Understanding How Land Loans Work for Property in Fort Worth

Often, buyers that start out seeking the perfect home determine that their best option is to build their own house and find themselves in the Fort Worth land market. Other buyers are seeking land for commercial reasons that no existing property will suit. No matter what your purpose for the land, it’s crucial that you … Continued

4 Things You Should Know About Land Surveys in Fort Worth

Good fences make good neighbors, especially when they’re in the right place. When you are ready to buy land, recently surveyed land is the best land available. Land surveys are well worth the cost because they precisely show you what you are buying. They also help you avoid the expense of dealing with the responsibility … Continued

5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Land in Fort Worth

Much like before diving headfirst into unknown waters, you need to check the depth when you’re in the market to purchase land. You should take precautions by performing due diligence to protect yourself and your financial future.  We will cover five things you need to know before buying land in Fort Worth. Location Purchasing a … Continued

MLS Comps in the Dallas Fort Worth Area – FAST! If you experienced anything like I did when I first got started real estate investing – getting real MLS comps was HARD! I would get some smoking hot lead come in, and an hour later I am still waiting on comparable sales… It’s not hard … Continued