We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here are some testimonials about Titanium Investments.

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I just wanted to say that I’m so glad that I met RJ and Cassie. They have made my dreams come true!!!! God bless them! They are the realtors you want to go to. They made the process very simple. Thank you so much!!! This is the happiest day of my life!!!!

Fjolla Fazliu

RJ and the Titanium team is the best wholesaler with whom I have worked. RJ goes above and beyond anything you will find from most real estate organizations. His concierge-like service and knowledge is second to none. When I needed an LLC set up or risk losing a deal, RJ personally set it up within hours, even texting me with LLC names! They are straight shooters, connected with HMLs, private lenders, builders, realtors, you name it. Working with Titanium is a true pleasure.

Darryl Murdock

This is a Wonderful Group to be involved with!
If you need to buy or sell plus invest
Titanium Investments is THE Group to make it all happen!

Mary Peterson

Wonderful group of individuals to do business with!

Amber Marie Stuckey

The Titanium Investments team were wonderful to work with. They allowed me to sell my home for full market value, which is something I could not have done on my own. Very professional and courteous. The home that they helped me fix and sell was my first home. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into keeping it through some hard times. I was a bit nervous letting it go but Cassi and her team made it easy!

Valerie Colorado

Cassi and RJ were life savers for us. We were really struggling with our house payments and the house needed some repairs. They partnered with us, repaired the house and our credit all at the same time. Love them and highly recommend them! Now a nice new family is moving in and I know they will love the house and the neighborhood.

Beverly Connor

They are wonderful people.Caring, honest and will work with you at any situation that you might be facing. Great team working for you helping building your future and opening door to new possibilities. Thank you RJ and Cassi for give us a new hopes to keep going!

Vanessa Toledo

What a wonderful group of people to work with! They have great communication with all parties! They are friendly, positive, and real go getters! Some of the best in the business!

Lynette King

I have worked with RJ in a purchase of a home on Swiss Ave. He is very business focused and wants to get the job done. I hope we can work together on many more properties.

Amie Parsons

As a professional Realtor, I enjoy working with good companies and the people that make up the company. Titanium is a joy and pleasure to do business with. Intelligent, savvy, honest, and most importantly: Professional. I’ve been doing business with this company for over a year and have had good experiences each and every time. No matter the obstacles placed in our path, we’ve been able to get through them and give everyone involved in the transaction a win.

Brian St. Clair